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This online BSA calculator computes the total surface area of your body, referred to as Body Surface Area (BSA). It is difficult, if not possible, to measure BSA. Fortunately, there are many formulas provided by different people. The calculator below provides results for some of the most popular formulas.

The BSA formula

There are many different formulas you can use to calculate body surface area (BSA). Our BSA calculator implemented the most popular ones, including, the Du Bois formula, which is the most common BSA formula, Mosteller, Haycock, etc. All these formulas require you to provide your height and weight. Let’s take a look at the formulas below.

  • Du Bois (Most common): BSA = 0.007184 × W0.425 × H0.725
  • Mosteller: BSA = 0.016667 × W0.5 × H0.5
  • Haycock: BSA = 0.024265 × W0.5378 × H0.3964
  • Gehan and George: BSA = 0.0235 × W0.51456 × H0.42246
  • Boyd: BSA = 0.03330 × W(0.6157 - 0.0188 × log10(W) × H0.3
  • Fujimoto: BSA = 0.008883 × W0.444 × H0.663
  • Takahira: BSA = 0.007241 × W0.425 × H0.725

where weight is measured in kilograms, height in centimeters and BSA in square meters.

Let’s see how the BSA formula works with a BSA example. Let’s try the Du Bois formula:

  1. Take your height in centimeters, e.g. 183
  2. Take your weight in kilograms, e.g.72
  3. Plug the height and weight into the formula:
    1. BSA = 0.007184 × W0.425 × H0.725
    2. BSA = 0.007184 × 720.425 × 1830.725
    3. BSA = 1.93 m2

If you are 183 cm tall and weigh 72 kg, the approximate calculation of your body surface area is 1.93 meters squared.

Why use this body surface area calculator?

You can avoid tedious calculations by using our body surface area calculator. Besides, you can switch between formulas and get instant results.

How to calculate BSA

The easiest way to calculate your BSA by using our BSA calculator. All you need is to enter your weight and height. By selecting a formula, you can get a result instantly.

BSA example

Let’s consider the following example:

  • Weight (kg): 45
  • Height (cm): 150

The body surface area is as below:

  • Du Bois (Most common): 1.37 m2
  • Mosteller: 1.37 m2
  • Haycock: 1.37 m2
  • Gehan and George: 1.38 m2
  • Boyd: 1.39  m2
  • Fujimoto: 1.33 m2
  • Takahira: 1.38 m2
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