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This is an online FFMI calculator that helps you find the Fat-Free Mass Index of your body. FFMI is more precise in comparison to the BMI (Body Mass Index), particularly when dealing with people who are well trained. You can find an explanation of what is FFMI and the FFMI formula in this article.

What is FFMI?

FFMI, short for the Fat-Free Mass Index, is an alternative to body mass index (BMI) which accounts for a person’s muscle mass. Although the FFMI is less used, it is more precise than BMI, and also provides information about somebody’s condition and health.

FFMI formula

The FFMI calculator mathematical formulas for calculating the fat-free mass, FFMI as well as Normalized FFMI:

Fat-Free Mass (FFM) = weight [kg] × (1 − (body fat [%] / 100))

Fat-Free Mass Index (FFMI) = FFM [kg] / (height [m])2

Normalized Fat-Free Mass Index = FFM [kg] / (height [m])2 + 6.1 × (1.8 − height [m])

Interpreting FFMI

The following table shows what the FFMI means about the body condition. These scores provide useful guidelines to everyone who wants to know where they stand in terms of muscle mass:

FFMI range Description
below 18 Below average
18 – 20 Average
20 – 22 Above average
22 – 23 Excellent
23 – 26 Superior
26 – 28 Suspicion of steroid use
more than 28 Steroid usage likely
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