Powerful Spreadsheet Editor

Handle complex processing like a professional without technical skills.

Spreadsheet Editor

A powerful spreadsheet editor

that lets you do pretty much everything you can do with contemporary spreadsheet software like Excel. Tabular helps you reach your goals and lead you to make better decisions. There's nearly nothing you can't track and manage using Tabular's spreadsheet software.

Formula and Calculation

Simulate scenarios

that are based on the calculations of the changing data. These formulas may contain values, constants, cell references, functions and operators. Creating different formulas can help you capture and save a working solution for various schemes.

Selective Values

Create a list of valid choices

for others to select in a given field. This is extremely useful for fields that require certain specific information. This may include a product category, inventory purposes or handling product lines.

Color and Styling

Improve your presentation

and give your users an attractive and polish look on the interpreted data. Choose from different fonts, font sizes, background and text colors to help you create the final look you want for the world to see.

Bullet Point Editing

Provide better visual readability

by using bullet point listing for audience to understand, digest and remember easier with shorter bits of text. It can also enhance content organization by grouping related items together and present them as lists.

Named Ranges

Customize ranges with meaningful names

to make the formulas easier to read, faster to develop, quicker access and reference.

Focus on selected range

Focus your attention

on selected data range based on their priority. Once the partion is finished, clear the selection and reselect another set of data to focus on.

Editing Options

Control your active range

by enabling and disabling a number of options under the active range option panel.

Create Your Own

Customize and build

your own user template with your own set of data. Your team will have access to these templates and edit them whenever they want.

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