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What materials do you need to prepare for making cupcakes? You have to prepare the containers for cupcakes, baking ingredients, some pastry bags, ovens, or other kinds of ingredients and tools for baking. You can easily bake cupcakes at home by watching the baking tutorial videos online. Here is a YouTube thumbnail template designed for baking recipes. It is a cute thumbnail design for sharing cupcake recipes on YouTube. In this template, pink and red color is used as the primary color theme of the design. It gives a sense of sweetness and cuteness that match the theme of cupcakes. Various images of strawberry cupcakes are designed with a photo collage. It is effective in the show the kind of cupcakes in the baking guide. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can easily create graphics with images. You can easily drag and drop the images from your device for customization. You can also edit the images by adjusting the brightness, contrast, explorer, or other effects of the images.

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YouTube 影片缩图 Template Specifications:
这个 YouTube 缩略图模板可以通过改变内容、替换图像和设计组件等方式按照你的要求进行定制。
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