The content and structure of each brochure is unique because each sale environment, product, service or company is different. You can make a very simple flyer for a production studio, as shown in the infographic.

For general products, you can create your product brochure by selecting some of the following elements from the list below:

  1. Introduction: briefly describe the product and explain why brochure readers should be interested in this product.

  2. Benefits: list the reasons why customers should buy this product.

  3. Features: highlight the important features that make the products different from competitors.

  4. "how to operate": describe how the product operates and what it can do for the customer. This section of the brochure can include any test results that demonstrate the superiority of the product.

  5. User (market) type: this section describes the special market where the product is locked.

  6. Application: describe where the product can be applied.

  7. Product selection: list the style, size, material, selection of items, accessories, and other conditions you can specify when purchasing. In this section of your brochure, you can add icons, illustrations, or other guidelines to help readers choose products.

  8. Price list: even the price information of the product. Including parts prices, prices of various styles and sizes, a quantity discount, packaging freight, etc. The price list is usually printed on a sheet of paper and then put into a brochure. In this way, in case of a price change, the whole brochure will not have to be reprinted.

  9. Specification details: including volt number, power consumption, moisture-proof capacity, temperature adaptability, operating conditions, the cleaning method, storage environment, chemical properties, and other product characteristics and use restrictions.

  10. Q & A: answers frequently asked questions about products, including information not mentioned in other parts of the brochure.

  11. Company introduction: a brief introduction of the company's history aims to let readers know that the products are from stable and reputable companies, and there is no need to worry about the bad operation of the company affecting the products.

  12. After-sales service: information about delivery, assembly, training, maintenance, service, and product guarantee.

The infographic below shows you how to formulate your product brochure. Click here to edit.

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