On July 23, 2021, Emperor Naruhito officially opened the postponed 2020 Summer Olympics at Tokyo's Olympic Stadium. The theme of the Olympic ritual was "Moving Forward," And the theme of the opening ceremony was "Uniting with Emotion”. The organizers said that they hope to bring new hope to people around the world by the presence of athletes at Tokyo 2020. 

This is a Facebook Post designed for Tokyo Olympics. In this template, Huge and attractive texts of "Tokyo Olympic are designed at the top of the template. The texts of the Tokyo Olympic Ceremony details are designed at the bottom of the template. This template s designed on an online design tool. You can feel free to customize templates with different functions like editing images, customizing color and texts, etc.

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Facebook-Posts Template Specifications:
Diese Facebook-Post-Vorlage kann nach Ihren Wünschen angepasst und gestylt werden. Sie können die Designblöcke, Farben und Bilder ändern, den Inhalt bearbeiten und vieles mehr.
Dominant Color
940 x 788 px

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