Impressionism Art Exhibition Ticket

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Impressionism Art Exhibition Ticket
Impressionism Art Exhibition Ticket

What is impressionism art? Impressionism was a 19th-century art movement distinguished by relatively small, thin, yet discernible brushstrokes, open composition, emphasis on the honest depiction of light in its varying qualities, commonplace subject matter, and unusual viewing angles.

Here is a ticket template designed for an art museum. This is a simple and classy ticket template with the use of a photo. In this ticket, an image representing an artwork of impressionism is designed as the photo background of the ticket. It shows characters of the art of impressionism. The green color is designed as the main color theme that looks calm. This design was created through Visual Paradigm Online. In VP Online, you can freely use images as a design background. Thousand of images from the photo library are provided for you to design. You can use your own images from the device too.

Want to create a ticket for visiting an art museum? Browse the templates on Visual Paradigm and create your own design now!

Fahrkarten Template Specifications:
Diese Ticketvorlage kann vollständig an Ihre Bedürfnisse angepasst werden, egal ob es sich um Inhalte, Farben, Layouts, Designblöcke oder andere Designelemente handelt.
Dominant Color
850 x 280 px

Impressionism Art Exhibition

Presented by: Modern Art Museum

Date & Time: June 10-25 | 10am - 6pm

Terms & Conditions

  1. This ticket cannot be transferred as cash.

  2. This ticket cannot be resold be others.

  3. This ticket is valid for one person only.

Free Drinks And Snacks.

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