Probability Calculator

This is a probability calculator that helps you identify the relationships of likelihood between two separate events. It answers questions like: What are the chances of two events happening, only one happening, at least one happening, or neither happening? As long as you know how to find the probability of individual events, this calculator will show you a lot of useful information, saving you a lot of time in manual calculation.

What can I do with the probability calculator?

Given the probability of two events: P(A), and P(B), the calculator automatically calculates the following figures:

  • A and B both occurring
  • At least A or B occurs
  • Either A or B occurs (not both)
  • Neither A nor B occurs
  • A not occur
  • B not occur

How to use the probability calculator?

To use the probability calculator, walk through the steps below:

  1. Enter the probability of event A.
  2. Enter the probability of event B.
  3. The result will be obtained automatically..

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