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Vegetable and leafy vegetables are the main ingredients of the popular soup known as "vegetable broth." It is a culinary item that has been manufactured in large quantities since ancient times. Are you manufacturing some delicious vegetable broth? Make sure to create a unique design for it! A superb label design can be both a brilliant canvas for creativity and a practical commercial need! This label template is cover with all sorts of vegetable silhouette and a delicated vintage title frame! It is an absolutely unique label create for your product line.

Use this label maker of Visual Paradigm Online to spread the word about your special vegetable broth. Elegant text font topped overa silhouette background are just what you need to get people to shop with you. Customize it by adding your brand information, fonts, colors and other details about your business. Your design will be ready to share in minutes. Searching for other label templates? Browse the InfoART library for more modern label templates!

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