Travelling To Paris Rack Card
Travelling To Paris Rack Card
Travelling To Paris Rack Card

Travelling To Paris Rack Card

Paris is the capital of France, which is also the center of world's art and fashion. Lots of large events also take place in Paris, including the Olympic Games in 1900, 1924 and the summer Olympic in 2024, The 1938 and 1998 FIFA World Cups, the 1960, 1984 and 2016 UEFA European Championships, etc. Therefore, many people also want to travel to Paris.

Here is a rack card created with the theme of Travel to Paris, which is designed with the rack card maker of Visual Paradigm Online. Photo of Eiffel Tower is used as the background of the cover, while the title is placed in the center of it. Details are provided at the back of it, including the travelling tips and the contact of the travelling company, with a graphic of travelling chop. By the rack card maker, all elements on the design are customizable, including the text, graphic, color and photo. The composition of the design can also changed according to your needs. Start your creation now!

If you are looking for more design about travelling, visit Visual Paradigm Online to pick up the ones you like, and start your creation!

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