Book Sharing Event Rack Card
Book Sharing Event Rack Card
Book Sharing Event Rack Card

Book Sharing Event Rack Card

Do you like to read? If you have read all of the books, you can read other people's reading reports or attend some book sharing events to see if there are other books that interest you. You can search for these events on the Internet, or read advertising materials from book bars, libraries or bookstores.

Here is a bookshelf card designed for a book sharing event. The design uses light colors as the main color. The graphic of the book is shown on the front page, while the description of the event and how to apply are shown on the back. Application data are shown on graphic of notes, which fit the topic of the design. By the rack card maker of Visual Paradigm Online, all elements of the design are customizable, including the text, image, color and graphic. Start your creation now and design a rack card design for your event.

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Book Sharing Event

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