The Use Case Diagram for Loan Application Review depicts the key functionalities and interactions within the loan application review process. The diagram showcases the primary use case of "Review a Loan Application," involving the Loan Officer as the key actor. Additionally, the system includes a Credit Rating System, which provides support and information during the review process.

The "Review a Loan Application" use case represents the action performed by the Loan Officer to assess and evaluate loan applications. This includes reviewing the applicant's information, verifying documents, and making decisions regarding loan approvals or rejections.

The Loan Officer, as the primary actor, interacts with the system to access and review loan applications. They utilize the support of the Credit Rating System, which provides credit ratings and other relevant information about the applicant's creditworthiness, financial history, and risk assessment.

This use case diagram provides a visual overview of the loan application review process, highlighting the involvement of the Loan Officer and the support provided by the Credit Rating System.

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