Personal Colour Theme Flyer Blue Young Girl Flyer

Personal Colour Theme Flyer

If you want to create a blue-color tone flyer design, you can try to use this flyer template to help you create your own flyer. This flyer template has a blue and white color tone, two blue color tone photos, also it has a lot of text boxes to give you input the information. This flyer template does not have a topic, it just a layout and graphic design, so that you can use this flyer template on any topic you want. You can use a creative flyer maker tool InfoART to help you edit this flyer template, change the text, photos, or anything you want, to match your company or brand. Try to use this special flyer template to create your own flyer now!

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フライヤー Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
827 x 1169 px

Blue Colour Theme