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Rich Charts and Maps

Rich Charts and Maps

Present your data with chart and map makers: line, bar, doughnut, pie, radar, bubble, rose, heatmap, etc. Just enter your data to get instant results. You can also switch between chart types without losing your data.

100,000 Free Icons and Photos

100,000 Free Icons and Photos

Electrify your flyers with a wide variety of free icons, photos, illustrations and cliparts. The vector-based graphics will remain look good no matter how large they are.

Drag-and-Drop Flyer Editor

Drag and drop graphic elements and design blocks onto your flyer design. Drag on a text element to resize it with font size automatically adjusted to fit. The drag-and-drop flyer creator saves you hours of time to create your own beautiful and engaging flyers.

Style and Format your Design

Change the style of graphic elements easily with the smart re-color tool. A wide range of shape and line formattnig tools are available to support your endless creativity.

Replace Icons and Artworks Easily

You can easily replace the icons, photos and artworks in any template. All you need is a drag-and-drop. We help you keep the size, tone and position. No deletion and re-creation is needed.

Smart Layout Blocks

A rich collection of layout component is available to help you layout your design in the way you want. By dragging and dropping a graphical element into a layout cell, the resource will be auto resized to fit the cell. You can also drag the boundary of a cell to resize the content within. Time is saved. The result is great!

200+ Customizable Maps

Our advanced geo map maker provides over 200 customizable maps. You can apply colors to regions in a map, or to visualize your data in the form of a heatmap-based geo map.

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