World Wildlife Day Instagram Post

World Wildlife Day Instagram Post

World Wildlife Day is on the 3rd March, aimed to raising the awareness of wildlife protection. When talking about wildlife animals, we usually think of land animals instead of the sea animals. In fact, the World Wildlife Day already started encouraging people to move part of our attention to the marine species since 2019. The theme of that year is "Life Below Water: for people and planet.", telling us that the lives under water also need out help and protection.

Here is an example of Instagram post created for the World Wildlife Day with theme of marine animals. Photos are used to decorate the the design, showing the example of marine species. Title of the design is placed on the middle part of the design, while the details of the day are shown on top and bottom. Large title can draw people's attention to the post, while they can then read more about it if they are interesting in it. By the Instagram post maker of Visual Paradigm Online, all elements on the design are customizable, including the text, image, color, photo and its frames. We can also change the composition of the design to fit our needs. Try it now and start your work to promote the World Wildlife Day!

Want to find more design about animal protection? Go to Visual Paradigm Online, there are plenty of designs in various topics. Pick the one suitable for you and start your customization!

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Dominant Color
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World Wildlife Conservation Day - 04/03/2021

Raising Awareness In Protecting The Marine Environment

Organized by: Marine Centre Education Institute