Black And White Circle Photo Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Black And White Circle Photo Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation

Black And White Circle Photo Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation

The Story of Thanksgiving Day

On September 6, 1620, the famous ship Mayflower arrived in America with 102 Puritans who could not bear religious persecution in England. After 65 days of wandering in the Atlantic Ocean under the attack of fatigue, hunger, cold and disease, only 50 immigrants survived and arrived in Plymouth, the North American colony.

The kind-hearted Indians of the region were generous with corn and potatoes they had hoarded for the winter, and sent in wild ducks and turkeys they had hunted. Spring came, and the Indians taught them how to plant corn and pumpkins and raise turkeys. The white settlers and the Indians formed close friendships. The corn harvest was plentiful that autumn. The settlers held a hearty Thanksgiving party and treated the Indians to roast Turkey and corn pastries. The Indians also brought all kinds of corn products, roast Turkey, pumpkin pie, wild grapes and corn liquor to the party. People sang and danced all night long.

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Thanksgiving Day is a particularly important festival in North America, especially for Canadians and Americans, even those who are far away from home will be rushed back to their families before Thanksgiving to celebrate the festival.

  • The second Monday in October is Canada's Thanksgiving

  • The last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving in the United States

Thanksgiving is the time for the north American people families to get together and eat turkey.

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You are invited to a Thanksgiving Dinner

Date: 15 January 2021

Time: 7PM

Join us and enjoy the dinner.