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Housewarming Party

If you want to hold a housewarming party, and want to invite people to come and join your party, sending an invitation is a good way to help you invite them. Try to use this beautiful housewarming party to help you create your own design, and use it to send to your friend and family. This template has an orange color tone, a house illustration, and some textbox to give you input your information. This card is created by InfoART, an online invitation maker tool. The invitation template can be personalized. You can change the image, photo, icon, illustration and include your party information.

Not sure if it's the right invitation for you? Explore the InfoART library for an extensive collection of editable invitation templates!

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招待状 Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
551 x 551 px

Housewarming Party

Date: 21 March 2020 (Sunday)

Time: 10AM