This gorgeous natural cosmetic product's label has a silhouette of a flower on it. The product's properties are listed in a stylish serif font at the top. Potential clients must be made aware of the product through a distinctive label. They unknowingly accomplish this by directly using content to identify and characterize the products as well as using color and artwork to express the full experience. Delivering the right message is crucial since creating a label involves establishing expectations.

The prospective consumer must be informed about their purchase with a unique label design. They accomplish this both directly, using content to identify and define the goods, and inadvertently, using color and artwork to express the overall experience. Overall, designing a label entails setting expectations, which is why it is crucial to convey the proper message. Searching for another label? Browse the InfoART library for more modern label templates!

ラベル Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
576 x 384 px