International Fruit Day 2021 Poster International Fruit Day Poster With Slogan

International Fruit Day 2021 Poster

Starting from 2007, we celebrate International Fruit Day on the 1st July every year. The aim of the day is to share fruit and joy with our family, friends and needy people. We have different international fruit every year, while the one of 2021 is watermelon. As what the slogan says, " Create change together", let's enjoy the day and try to create some positive changes together!

Here is a poster created for International Fruit Day by the poster maker of Visual Paradigm Online. With a girl holding a piece of the international fruit, watermelon, the poster gives us the message of " enjoying that piece of watermelon". Moreover, there are only several text boxes so that the messages would be very clear. By the poster maker, you can customize the elements on the poster, including the text content. colour, photo used, etc. Try to create a poster for International Fruit Day together!

If this poster is not exactly the one you want, visit Visual Paradigm Online's library for more templates created for International Fruit Day!

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ポスター Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
1654 x 2339 px

International Fruit Day


"Create change together"