Ocean Poster With Slogan

Ocean Poster With Slogan

The global ocean is a very large system, accounting for about 71% of the earth's area. The ocean plays a very important role in regulating the global weather and climate system.

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Why are the oceans so important to us?

Ocean can regulate the weather and climate conditions of the whole earth, adjust the temperature and air humidity. Because the thermal inertia of the ocean is relatively large, the capacity of the same volume of seawater to store heat is more than 2000 times that of the atmosphere.

If there were no oceans, the temperature difference between day and night on earth would be very large. The temperature difference in winter and summer would also be very large. The fluctuation of temperature is very sharp. The cold and warm conditions are not as they are now. They may not be suitable for human habitation. But with the ocean, it will maintain the current suitable temperature. Basically, the temperature fluctuation is relatively small, which is suitable for our human habitation.

The ocean can also provide a lot of water vapor for the atmosphere. More than 80% of the evaporation of water vapor on the global surface comes from the ocean, which makes the air we breathe moist. If there were no oceans, the air we breathe would be dry and not suitable for human habitation.

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