Shakira Biography Timeline

Shakira Biography Timeline

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Biography Timeline Of Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

1977 - Early Life

Born on 2 February 1977 in Barranquilla, Colombia

1985 - Wrote Her First Song

Shakira wrote her first song "Your dark glasses" at the age of eight

1990-1991 - Debut Album

Shakira's debut album "Magia" was recorded with Sony Music when she was 13 years old

1993 - International Song Festival

Shakira performed at International Song Festival.

1993 - The Oasis

Shakira starred in the Colombian TV series The Oasis

1995 - Pies Descalzos

The album "Pies Descalzos " was released in the Latin American countries

1996 - Billboard Top Chart

"Pies Descalzos" reached number five on the U.S. Billboard Top Latin Albums chart

1996 - Platinum Status

RIAA certified the album "Pies Descalzos" platinum status.

1996 - International Tour

Shakira went on to her first international tour, named simply the "Tour Pies Descalzos"

1998 - Billboard 200

Her fourth studio album held the top spot on the U.S. Latin Albums chart for 11 weeks

1999 - Grammy Award Nomination

Shakira received her first nomination for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album.

2000 - MTV Video Music Award

Shakira won an MTV Video Music Award in the category of People's Choice.

2001-2002 - English Crossover Album

"Whenever, Wherever" was released as the first and lead single from her first English album and fifth studio album.

2008 - Top-earning Artist

Shakira signed a $300 million contract with Live Nation, which was to remain in effect for ten years.

2010 - Official Song Of World Cup

Shakira collaborated with the South African group Freshlyground to create the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

2016 - Voice Role

Shakira had a voice role in the Disney animated movie Zootopia, which featured the single "Try Everything".

2018 - 3rd Grammy Award

Shakira won her third Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album for "El Dorado", making her the only female Latin artist to do so.

2019 - The World's Highest-paid Women In Music

Forbes ranked her the world's highest-paid women in music in 2019 at number 10.

2020 - Most Viewed Halftime Show

Shakira performed for the Super Bowl LIV halftime show with viewership of 103 million people

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