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As long as you want to travel, any time is a good day to start! In fact, there are a lot of tips in the preparation of the journey, which can save travel expenses and make the journey more relaxed. This issue share some tips before travel, from booking tickets to departure, each can add points for the journey!

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No difficulty in booking air tickets in traceless (incognito) mode - Many people like to book air tickets and hotels on the Internet, but it is said that the website will record the number of users' visits and adjust the price. In order to avoid the record, the website can't detect the user's browsing times by using "incognito mode" when using the browser, so as to avoid the price increase.

After the actual test, it is found that the price of booking a ticket or hotel at the same time by entering the website in "traceless mode" is indeed slightly lower. In addition, the security and privacy of using traceless mode will be high, which can be used when necessary, such as using public network.

No fear of network instability: offline maps are not lost - you may not receive a good mobile network in different tourist attractions. Therefore, it is recommended that you download the offline map in advance before you leave. In this way, you can use the offline map to understand the location and plan the route even if the network environment of the destination is poor or even if there is no network, So as not to get lost.

Aim for good seats online: save the airsickness - most airlines now offer online pre check-in service, so passengers can choose their own seats. If you are on a small airliner, you can try to choose the position parallel to the wing, because the wing is the most solid position in the whole aircraft. Some people may think that the wing is an obstacle to the landscape, but for those who are more prone to airsickness, this position would be more ideal. When the aircraft encounters airflow, the vibration amplitude of the central position will be smaller than that of the front and rear seats.

Scan and upload passport and other documents before departure - you are most afraid of losing your passport when traveling. Before departure, scan important documents such as passport and ID card, and then store them in cloud storage space such as mobile phone. In case of loss of passport, it is necessary to report the loss or obtain a temporary passport.

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