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Do you like puppies? Some people like dogs because they can bring happiness to people's lives. They are able to make me grin despite how difficult my day has been or how depressed you are. According to a study, owning a pet raises your levels of oxytocin, the hormone that promotes bonding. Do you want to get puppies?

Here is a postcard template designed for puppies. This is a simple and cute postcard design with a dog image. In this postcard, a dog image is designed as the photo background the postcard. It looks cute and suits the postcard theme of poppies. The text of "My best friend" is also designed on the postcard. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With dozens of available templates in Visual Paradigm Online, you can develop your graphic design. You may change the text, the image, the color, the shape, the form, etc. You can use it as a simple online design tool.

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