Healthy Cooking Retreat Poster Event Poster With Using Of Different Kinds Of Typography

Healthy Cooking Retreat Poster

What should we do if we want to have decoration in informative poster design? As there are lots of words, it may be too complicated and difficult to read if we add more image or decorations on the design. In this case, the choice of background and the font would be very important.

Here is a poster designed by Visual Paradigm Online's poster maker, about an activity of food retreat. With a lot of details, the white boxes in the middle is already full of words. In this case, designer uses the photo of meal as the background in order to fit the theme of "food". Moreover, several fonts are used in the template, so that the audience can easily understand that the content is divided into several parts. Based on these ideas, you can also design or decorate the design in other ways by customizing the design by the poster maker, such as replacing the text content, changing the main colour tone, etc. Have you learnt how to decorate informative design now? Let's try to find the ways which are suitable for you!

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Dominant Color
1654 x 2339 px

Healthy Cooking


10:30 OCTOBER 2020

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