Organic Skin Product Sale Rack Card
Organic Skin Product Sale Rack Card
Organic Skin Product Sale Rack Card

Organic Skin Product Sale Rack Card

The rack card is a great promotional material when we have a new product line. Because it is just a small card, we can group the key points of the products and list them on the card, and then customers can find the products they are interested in and find further information. Remember to add the contact information or the address of the store so that customers can come and look for the products.

Here is an example of rack card promoting organic products created by design tool of Visual Paradigm Online. Light color tone is used in the design. Lots of green elements are added, which fits the theme of "organic". details of the series of products are listed on the back page clearly. QR code and contact are shown on the bottom for customers to find more information if needed. By the rack card maker, all elements of the design are customizable, including text, image, color, graphic. Composition of the design can also editable in order to fit your needs. Start your creation now and create a rack card design for your products.

If this rack card design is not exactly the one you want, visit Visual Paradigm Online' s library for more templates about product promotion. Let's start your creation!

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Dominant Color
400 x 900 px

Organic Floral Essential Oil - $100

"The Best Treat For Your Skin & Body."

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