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When we study art, the presence of a teacher is very important to us. When we are working independently, it is not always easy to identify our own shortcomings, so the teacher can point out our shortcomings from the sidelines. In addition, teachers can share their valuable creative experience with their students, something that is not always available to us when we learn alone.

Here is YouTube channel art template created for an art tutorial channel. Sharp colour is used as the border, while colourful photo of brush is used as the key vision. It show the audiences that it has an artistic theme. With complicated background, the white block point out title and make it looks clear. Short sentence are placed near the title to tell the audience the time publishing new videos. If you find that the design is good but the theme is different from what you want, you can customize all elements on the design by the channel art maker of Visual Paradigm Online, including the text, photo, graphic, colour and even the composition. You can then finish a professional design in several minutes!

If you are looking for more examples, visit Visual Paradigm Online to pick up the ones you like and start your creation!

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Dominant Color
2560 x 1440 px

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