Green And White Travel Adventure YouTube Channel Art

Green And White Travel Adventure YouTube Channel Art Green And White Travel Adventure YouTube Channel Art 이 템플릿 편집
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Do you like to travel but don't have that much of a budget? Backpacking is a great option for you! Nowadays more and more people try backpacking, they try to reduce the cost by staying in reasonable hotels, taking public transportation or even working in different countries. What they take with them is a backpack with all the essentials. Backpacking is not only a trip, it is also a learning experience. You can visit a different place from a perspective other than sightseeing!

Here is a channel art created with theme of travel guide, which is created by the channel art maker of Visual Paradigm Online. With photos of mountain and lake, we can clearly know that the channel is talking about travelling. Blocks and lines are used to decorate the design, so that it looks special and stylish. The spacing is colored in green, matching with the color of the photo. By the design tool, you can edit the elements on the design to fit your needs as all of the are customizable, including the text, image, graphic, color and also the composition. Start your creation now and create an awesome artwork for your channel!

Still looking for more design about travelling? Explore the Visual Paradigm Online library for collections of customizable channel art templates!

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Dominant Color
2560 x 1440 px

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