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Coca-Cola SWOT Analysis Example

Coca Cola logo


  1. Most sponsored corporate partners.

  2. Spread across the world in 650 languages ​​and regions.

  3. The market territory spans nearly 200 countries on five continents.

  4. To develop new products, the Coca-Cola Company not only sells cola but also other types of beverages.

  5. Coca-Cola has a long history, so it has a certain status in the market.


  1. There is no certain integration and the common goal of strategic management.

  2. The failure to develop new tastes.

  3. The gradual transfer of customer loyalty.

  4. Loss of market development opportunities.


  1. Sponsor the Olympic Games, use this opportunity to replace their brands, products, and make advertisements, especially The Olympic Games is a worldwide movement that allows the world’s population to recognize this product, expand its market reach, and raise awareness of its products.

  2. Participate in the World Cup, take this world-wide activity to pave the way for your products and gain popularity.

  3. Enter the Chinese rural market.

  4. Enter the American film market.


  1. Pepsi is Coca-Cola’s biggest competitor

  2. The products produced by the company may not be favored by young people today.

  3. Coca-Cola is not considered to be good for health by many people

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