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Strike an opportunity to meet your cilent through this Facebook ad right now! Generating leads through engaging marketing is the key to success in the fierce real estate market. If no one wants to buy it, how can you sell your house? So take advantage of this hot real estate ad on Facebook right away! It is made up of a collage of accommodation images to display their attractive properties, effectively promoting your comfortable accommodation!

It's clear what the ideal Facebook ad wants potential buyers to do. This outstanding direct response ad was created by Visual Paradigm Online. The purpose of the ad, as you see in the example below, is to convince you to make an immediate purchase. Looking for different Facebook ad templates? Check out the InfoART gallery for more modern Facebook ad templates!

Anúncios do Facebook Template Specifications:
Este modelo de anúncio do Facebook pode ser personalizado para se adequar ao seu objetivo. Pode editar o conteúdo, substituir a(s) imagem(ns), alterar as cores, adicionar ou remover blocos de design e muito mais.
Dominant Color
1200 x 628 px

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