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Have you been to Taiwan for traveling? Taiwan has at least 25,000 years of recorded human habitation. Around 6,000 years ago, the island was inhabited by the ancestors of the indigenous Taiwanese people. Large-scale Han Chinese immigration to western Taiwan started during a Dutch colony in the 17th century and continued under the Kingdom of Tungning. These immigrants were mostly Hakkas and Hoklos.

Here is a postcard template designed for traveling to Taiwan. This is a minimal template design for promoting Taiwan. In this template, an image of wall graffiti showing the daily lives of Taiwanese is designed as the photo background of a postcard. The text "Brave to travel" is also designed to encourage people to go traveling. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can freely customize graphics with the selection of various templates. You can easily edit the images, colors, shapes, etc. with this tool. You can also edit the images with the adjustment of brightness, contrast, and exposure too on the tool palette. 

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Postais Template Specifications:
Este modelo de cartão postal pode ser totalmente personalizado ao seu gosto em todos os aspectos, conteúdo, cores, fundos, blocos de design, etc.
Dominant Color
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