Online Digital Services Rack Card
Online Digital Services Rack Card
Online Digital Services Rack Card

Online Digital Services Rack Card

With the development of technology, more and more services and works can be done in a digital way, and then transfer through the internet. It helps to improve our life and makes everything convenient. Learn more about digital service now and see whether we can use these technique and services in our daily life.

Here is a rack card about digital services, which is create by the rack card maker of Visual Paradigm Online. Colorful elements are used in the design to make it eye-catching and fun, fit the interest of teenagers, who are common target audience of those services. Moreover, illustration and graphic design are used in the design. By the design tool, all elements on the design are able to be replaced in order to fit your needs, including the text, graphic, image, color, etc. Composition of the design is also customizable. Feel free to edit it and create your own rack card design!

Need more rack card design? Check out on VP Online! Pick the design that best fits your need and start the customization.

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Este modelo de cartão de prateleira pode ser personalizado de acordo com as suas necessidades, alterando o conteúdo, substituindo imagens e componentes de design, etc.
Dominant Color
400 x 900 px

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