What is QCD (Quality / Cost / Deliver Time)?

Kaizen aims to achieve the goal of QCD (quality, cost and delivery time) by standardization, 5S and elimination of Muda (waste).

About QCD (Quality / Cost / Deliver Time)

QDC stands for Quality, Delivery and Cost. It represents a management approach that evaluates the various components of the production process and provides feedback to enhance decision-making and improvement.

In order to achieve the goal of QCD, an enterprise must make rational use of all available resources. It is necessary to make plans for the use of personnel, information, equipment and raw materials every day. The use of standards on the use of these resources will help to improve the efficiency of the plans.

QCD Template

Here is a QCD template created with Visual Paradigm's online strategic analysis tool. You can customize this template by modifying the text, color and font, and use it in your presentations and reports.

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