Rock Band Concert Ticket

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Rock Band Concert Ticket
Rock Band Concert Ticket

Do you enjoy attending rock concerts? A rock concert is a term used to describe a rock performance. In the 1950s, various American musical groups were experimenting with new musical genres that fused swing, country, and blues music when they came up with the first versions of "rock and roll."

Here is a ticket template designed for the concert. This is an interesting and modern template design for the ticket for a rock band concert. In this template, an image of the show venue is designed on the template which shows the large space inside the concert venue. The bold text of the event name "Rock Band Concert" is also designed which draw people's attention. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can freely customize graphics with the selection of various templates. With this tool, you can easily edit photos, colors, shapes, etc. Brightness, contrast, and exposure adjustments can also be made to photographs using the tool palette.

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Bilhetes Template Specifications:
Este modelo de bilhete pode ser personalizado e estilizado de acordo com as suas necessidades. Pode alterar os blocos de design, as cores, as imagens, editar o conteúdo e muito mais.
Dominant Color
850 x 280 px

Rock Band Concert

Presented By: Rock Music Group

Date & Time: 22 September | 6PM - 10PM

Location: The City Music Hall, 12/F

Terms & Conditions

  1. This ticket is valid for one person only.

  2. This ticket cannot be transferred as cash.

  3. This ticket cannot be resold.

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