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Have you ever heard about lettering artists? Lettering artists are good at producing a letter in different forms and shapes. They have creative skills to create letters beautiful letters for designs. Sometimes the design will be used as logo designs. Here is a thumbnail template designed for the lettering workshop. It is a cute thumbnail design for promoting a lettering workshop on YouTube. In this thumbnail design, illustrations are designed on it to make the design looks interesting. An illustration of a human is designed to match the workshop theme. Bright colors like blue and green are used as the primary color theme that gives a vibrant and energetic vibes to the design. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can design your work with illustrations easily. You can easily select and drag the artworks you like from the palette easily. There are thousands of artworks provided for you. 

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Miniaturas do YouTube Template Specifications:
Este modelo de miniatura do YouTube pode ser totalmente personalizado para incluir a marca da empresa, imagens, conteúdo e elementos de design.
Dominant Color
1280 x 720 px

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