Photography New Job Greeting Card

Photography New Job Greeting Card New Job Greeting Card In Dark Colour Tone Редактировать этот шаблон
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When your friend or family has found a new job, you can send them a beautiful greeting card to congratulate them. This is a new job congratulations card, it has a blue color tone, a job photo, also the chair illustration, and the message textbox. Created with Visual Paradigm's online greeting card maker tool. It is a great fit for you to spread the greetings. The greeting card is customizable. You can customize it to include any personal adjustments such as a change in the photo, text content, font, and color choices. Add your sweet greetings, use some artistic art fonts and make changes to design your own greeting cards.

Поздравительные открытки Template Specifications:
Этот шаблон поздравительной открытки может быть полностью настроен. Вы можете редактировать содержимое, заменять изображения, менять цвета, добавлять или удалять дизайнерские блоки и многое другое.
Dominant Color
600 x 400 px

Congratulations For Your New Job

Enjoy the new greener pasture !!

Создание красивого дизайна "на лету

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