8 Reasons Of Feeling Tired Infographic Feeling Tired Infographic

8 Reasons Of Feeling Tired Infographic

Reclaim your Energy and Stop Feeling Tired

We all feel tired sometimes, and sleep and rest can alleviate this fatigue. Insufficient sleep is not necessarily the reason for feeling sluggish all day long. Fatigue refers to the time when you are exhausted and cannot be relieved by sleep and rest. By the same token, although this is a common first thought, a cup of coffee is not always the best solution!

Here are 8 common causes of tiredness or fatigue:

  1. Anaemia

  2. Sleep apnoea

  3. Not getting enough calories and protein

  4. Relying on energy drink

  5. High stress

  6. Depression

  7. Deceases i.e. diabetes, hepatitis and etc.

  8. Medications

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