Presentations occupy a most important place in today’s corporate scenario. From a brainstorming session to a regular business meeting, you need them almost every day. If you may need to relate several ideas to a core idea or visualize organizational relations and business networks. In this, Cluster Diagram will best demonstrate your concepts.

A cluster, in general, is a group or bunch of several discrete items that are close to each other, which represents some kind of cluster. It aims at sorting different objects into groups in a way that the degree of association between to elements is maximal if they belong to the same group and minimal otherwise.

Cluster diagram template

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The Usages of Cluster Diagrams

A cluster model as the name suggests helps you visualize clusters of related ideas around a core concept. The diagram has a wide variety of applications – from capturing ideas in brainstorming sessions to capturing relationships in a computer network. The diagram is fairly easy to create.

Here are some usages of cluster diagrams:

  • Marketing: Help marketers discover distinct groups in their customer bases, and then use this knowledge to develop targeted marketing programs
  • Insurance: Identifying groups of motor insurance policyholders with a high average claim cost
  • City-planning: Identifying groups of houses according to their house type, value, and geographical location

Note That: a good clustering boundary will produce high-quality clusters with high intra-class similarity and low inter-class similarity

Online Software Tool for Cluster Diagram

Visual Paradigm Online provides professional templates with a nice combination of circular shapes, well-matched color tones, and nice layouts to make attractive cluster diagrams with ease. It helps you present visually organize information about new topics for easy comprehension.

Cluster Diagram Template

General Cluster Diagram Template

General cluster diagram template

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Two clusters

Cluster diagram template two clusters

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