You always come up with a lot of good ideas after a brainstorming session, but how do you select and prioritize your ideas?

The COCD-Box was developed by Mark Raison for the Center for Development of Creative Thinking in 1977. It is a useful technique for classifying ideas that come up in brainstorming sessions with fewer restraints from the feasibility. The COCD box is a 2×2 matrix that you can use to rate potential solutions based on originality and feasibility:

  • Yellow Quadrant (How?): Original but not (yet) feasible
  • Red Quadrant (WOW!): An innovative and exciting idea
  • Blue Quadrant (Now): Easy to Implement with low risk

COCD Box helps you organize potential solutions into those you can implement easily, breakthrough ideas, and ideas for the future.

COCD Box Template

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When should I use this?

Like other 2×2 matrices, this should be used to evaluate potential solutions generated during brainstorming. The COCD box is particularly useful when your project has room for innovative solutions and your team is also looking for original ideas.