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Coffee Shop Opening Poster

How to promote a store when it is opened? Creating a poster for it would be a good method. Here is a poster created for a new coffee shop created by VP Online's poster maker. As the purpose of creation is just let others know that there is such a coffee shop, instead of many content or information, simple but eye-catching design would be more suitable for the poster. Look as this poster, a photo of pour over coffee is used as the background of the poster, while only the logo of the coffee shop, message that the shop is opened and also the basic information such as the address are added to the poster. The message is very clear so that audience will not lost their focus. Customization can also be done if you want to change the message of the poster, or you want to choose another photo as the background.

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Dominant Color
1654 x 2339 px

Now Open

We are ready to serve you a drink.

We got you.


Open Daily | 9AM - 8PM

13/F | 14 Rana Street | New York City | New York

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