Special Announcement Poster Orange Poster About Alarm And Warning

Special Announcement Poster

An announcement is usually preceded by an alarm that is used to draw attention to the following information. Depending on the type of announcement, the alarm may be soft and comforting sound, or it may be sharp and loud, or even some music or song. Wherever we stay, when we hear any alarms , we need to pay attention to them to see if we have missed any information.

Here is a poster created about alarm and announcement. The design is created in orange color with white words. Image of speaker and some of the characters are placed in the middle part as the key vision of the design. Details of the poster is written in the bottom part of the design. If you want to edit the elements on the design, you can feel free to do so by the poster maker of Visual Paradigm Online. As all of them are both customizable, you can edit the text, image, color and graphics. Composition of the design is also editable. Start your creation now and edit the design according to your needs!

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Dominant Color
1654 x 2339 px

A      L      A      R     M

M     R      A      L      A

W     A      R      N     ?


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