Simple Yoga At Home Rack Card
Simple Yoga At Home Rack Card
Simple Yoga At Home Rack Card

Simple Yoga At Home Rack Card

Instead of a kind of exercise, yoga is a kind of self-cultivation activity. There are different kinds of yoga, including the asanas, breathing, knowledge, etc. We can try to know more about yoga and start practicing it to raise our physical and mental healthy.

Here is a rack card about yoga, which is designed with the rack card maker of Visual Paradigm Online. The design is in purple color tone, with illustration of a person doing yoga on the front page. On the back page, there are some example of yoga pose with brief introduction. It help to promote yoga in an easy way that people can start trying yoga once they have this rack card. By the design tool, elements on the design are customizable, including the text, image, color and photo. Try to create your own rack card by the tool. Only several minutes are needed, you can finish a professional rack card design.

Want to find more templates about yoga? Check out on VP Online and pick the design that best fits your need for your creation!

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Rack-Karten Template Specifications:
Diese Rack Card-Vorlage kann innerhalb weniger Minuten angepasst werden. Fühlen Sie sich frei, den Inhalt zu bearbeiten, Bilder zu ersetzen, Farben zu ändern, Designblöcke zu ändern und vieles mehr.
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400 x 900 px

Try To Do Yoga At Home

Simple Yoga

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