Texas Burger Menu Rack Card
Texas Burger Menu Rack Card
Texas Burger Menu Rack Card

Texas Burger Menu Rack Card

A burger is a food that includes different fillings, such as beef, cheese, and lettuce. The ingredients of a burger can change depending on the food habits of different places. What are your favorite fillings in a burger?

Rack card is a good promotion material to show customers the hot menu in the store. Here is one of example designing for a burger shop. Illustration of burger set is shown on the front page, with clear messages of "From $20.99", while the briefing of different sets are listed at the back. QR code is also provided 火or ordering, which can encourage customers to keep this rack card with them. By the rack card maker of Visual Paradigm Online, all elements on the design are customizable, including the text, image, shape and color. Try to customize the design and create an attractive rack card for your shop!

If the style of this rack card is not exactly the one you want, visit Visual Paradigm Online's library for more templates in different styles!

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Rack-Karten Template Specifications:
Die Rack-Card-Zertifikatsvorlage kann vollständig an Ihre Bedürfnisse angepasst werden, egal ob es sich um Inhalte, Farben, Layouts, Designblöcke oder andere Designelemente handelt.
Dominant Color
400 x 900 px

Extra Cheese

Thick ounce of beef steak!!!

Every bite is enjoyment

From $20.99

  • Double Cheese Burger

  • Double Steak Burger

  • Charcoal Steak Burger

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