Kaki Business Management Reports Best Vintage Business Report Design Template
Kaki Business Management Reports
Kaki Business Management Reports
Kaki Business Management Reports
Kaki Business Management Reports
Kaki Business Management Reports

Kaki Business Management Reports

What is a Business Report?

A business report is an assessment of a specific problem, a set of circumstances, or financial operations related to business performance... It is usually written as a response to the company's executives and is usually attached to the report in the form of a memo. It usually consists of the following parts:

Title Page

First of all, to have a complete Business Report, there must be a complete cover, on the cover must be the name of the Report, the name of the reporter and the date. Of course, if your report is very long, it is recommended to make a table of contents.

Executive Summary

The summary section is also important and takes up one page of the report. In this section, summarize the problem you are trying to solve, list the information that you think is important and the results, and specify the steps of your plan and all the details that need attention.

Because for a lot of people, maybe they only have time to read one page. Therefore, you can regard this page as a separate Report, and all the main content and key points of this Business Report are included in this page. And you can use symbols and numbers to mark the main points you want to express.


When you are writing a Business Report, you need to consider what methods you have used to research or discuss your plan in the Report to reach a conclusion.

For example, you conduct discussions with the main team, conduct various interviews, or search the company's archives, using various external sources to do your research. In addition, in this section, you can record the details of your research process and explain it accordingly.


In this part, readers need to be told why they want to read this Business Report, and a very simple overview of this Business Report is given to lay a solid foundation for the main part of the following.

Main Body

In a Business Report, the main body takes up the largest proportion and is also the most important part. It can also be said that this is the "heart" of a Business Report. The most important information in the study and case must be stated, so that readers can really understand what this Business Report wants to express.

Infographic template: Common Types of Business Report Infographic (Created by InfoART's Infographic maker)

(Infographic about common business Report. Edit now.)

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