Violin Player Photo Classic Music YouTube Channel Art

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When you are building your own music channel, why don't you use your own photo as the channel art? Here is an example of channel art design of a classic music Youtube channel consisted in a photo of lady playing violin and simple words. The owner of the channel, who is also the music player, is shown on the top of the channel, so that it will be easier for the audience to remember who she is. That is a good way for promotion. By the channel art maker of Visual Paradigm Online, you can change the photo to yours, and then add the quotes or words you like as decoration, you can then finish an awesome channel art design in just several minutes. It is easy and funny, isn't it? Let's start your creation now!

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YouTube Channel Arts Template Specifications:
This YouTube channel art template can be fully customized to include company branding, images, content and design elements.
Dominant Color
2560 x 1440 px

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