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9 Emerging Trends In Consumer Behavior Infographic

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Livestreaming + Shopping = Shopstreaming

In 2017, pearl businessman Xinda Zhan nicknamed Pearl Bro made $4.4 million in half a year from live-streaming the process of harvesting the pearls.

Urban farming or vertical farming is on the rise globally 76%of the world’s population now live in urban areas.

Seeing the doctor is now going digital


Digitalization albeit forced has been one of the positive changes the pandemic has brought to the business environment.


Healthcare is one of the industries that require an in-person presence at a specific location: a doctor’s office.

Design a home that is good for you

Seven Concepts For Healthier Buildings

The premiumization of human contact

62% of those who regularly use a voice-activated speaker say they are likely to buy something through their voice-activated speaker in the next month and 44% say they order products

In 2019, 62% of global internet users said they are constantly connected online. What does that mean in hours a day? Almost 7 hours online every day compared with 5 hours and 36 minutes in 2012. 

‘Cancel culture’ or ‘call-out culture’

It’s a trend in consumer behavior that has become increasingly visible following the latest changes in society calling for diversity in the business world. The Mintel researchers call it the ‘cancel culture’ or ‘call-out-culture’.

For some brands, change is now coming from employees putting pressure on the management not the other way around. Brands are urged into updating their rules and regulations to provide every employee with equality and transparency.

"Car order three chicken wings a pound of cheese and one milk bottle! – The commuting consumer"

Consumers as owners of their data

receiving financial compensation for it

being able to share data with only those they trust

All resource and information are credit to:

Iulia-Cristina Uță B. Y. (2021). 9 emerging consumer trends (2020–2021). Brand Minds.

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