Analyse and review horizontal infographic

Infographic template: Analyse and review horizontal infographic (Created by InfoART's Infographic maker)

Infographic is a kind of media that transforms complex information into visual effects or stories, so as to convey its main points more effectively. Instead of boring readers with a lot of boring information or statistics, marketers can use infographics to deliver information in a more attractive way.

Infographics combines two of the most important things in visual presentation: information and graphics. They convey a lot of information - often supported by figure, charts or diagrams without overwhelming the reader with lengthy textual descriptions. At the same time, they are eye-catching and immersive.


Visual Paradigm Online provides a number of infographic templates that you can start with a demo. Try it now, for free!

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Infographics Template Specifications:
This infographic template can be fully customized to fit your needs. Feel free to edit the content, replace image(s), change colors, add or remove design blocks and more.
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1057 x 816 px

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