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A staycation is a period during which a person or family stays at home, engages in leisure activities nearby that can be completed in one day, and does not require overnight lodging. This is a a great ad that directly inform your potential customer your hotel discount packages. As an ideal Facebook advertisement should be crystal clear in what it wants the prospect to do. This outstanding direct-response advertisement was created using Visual Paradigm Online. The purpose of the advertisement, as you can see in the example below, is to direct your customer to your website!

Use this Facebook ad maker of Visual Paradigm Online to spread the word about your special packages. An stronge message and refreshing summer vibe are just what you need to get people to visit with your hotel. Customize it by adding your brand information, fonts, colors and other details about your business. Your design will be ready to share in minutes. Searching for other Facebook ad templates? Browse the InfoART library for more modern Facebook ad templates!

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Two-Day Staycation - 50% Off

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