Introduction Of Doughnut Infographic Doughnut Lovers Infographic

Introduction Of Doughnut Infographic

Donuts have no short history; on the contrary, they are at least a few centuries old and seem to have come from Europe. The exact source is, as is the case with most foods, not entirely known. The earliest origins of modern doughnuts can often be traced back to the olykoek (oily cake) brought by Dutch colonists to early New York. These donuts are very similar to later doughnuts, but they don't have the shape of their current ring size.

Doughnut is the English term. Similar creations in other countries include the following:

  • Aebelskiver - Danish doughnut look-alikes that have a slice of apple inside;

  • Beignet - a French version of the doughnut;

  • Berliners - German versions of doughnuts, usually filled with jelly;

  • Oliebollen - a Dutch treat that contains a slice of apple and usually raisins and is traditionally served to celebrate the New Year;

  • Zeppole - an Italian doughnut.

Fun Facts about Donuts

  1. About 10 billion donuts are made every year in the United States.

  2. There are ten people in America living with the last name doughnut and donut.

  3. Boston has the most doughnut stores per person.

  4. During WWI, doughnut are serviced to soldiers.

  5. The US doughnut industry has a value of $3.6 billion.

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