Ways To Reduce Paper Use Infographic Ways To Reduce Paper Use Infographic

Ways To Reduce Paper Use Infographic

Paper is primarily used by businesses to document everyday operations. A lot of trees are being destroyed to manufacture this article (if it is a printed version!). Loss of woodland results in habitat loss for wildlife and loss of biodiversity, which also leads to global warming, climate change and a series of human adverse reactions.

Almost everyone in industrialized countries uses paper every day, but we have become careless. For example, 65% of print-outs and photocopies, many of which could be read on screen, land in the bin before the end of the day. We consume paper more and more at an unprecedented pace. There are a lot of consequences related to the use of paper. It is about time that we all become more environmentally conscious and conserved paper to preserve our climate.

In fact, a slight improvement in our daily life habits could help us to have better condition for our earth. We should save the world as well as take actions to reduce paper use. When you start using less paper, you reduce the cost of buying paper as well as the cost of printing.

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

The interesting thing is that while offices are quite adept at recycling, it’s vital to realize that recycling is actually the third best option, after reducing and reusing materials.

If you are interested in this topic, do more research, share your ideas, and help to promote the tips and tricks on reduction of paper consumption.

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