Create a Stunning Funnel Chart Online

Input your data and turn them into a visually stunning and comprehensible funnel chart.

Easy-to-use data editor for your funnel chart

We provide a very convenient editor for chart editing. Just head over to the chart maker to create a funnel chart from a template. It will pop-up a data table for you to input your data and categories. Input your data, and your changes will be shown instantly on the funnel chart next to the table.

Customize colors and fonts with ease

You can change the color of different layers of a funnel chart, also to resize or scale your chart to fit any dimension. All this can be done in few clicks.


Lossless scaling & resizing for chart

Want to add your chart to a report or presentation? You can scale and resize your chart for better layout, fitting any page or slide. Just drag on the edges or corners of your chart to perform a resize.



Your works are stored in our collaborative cloud, which means your whole team can create and access the designs and charts anytime, anywhere! All you need is an internet connection and that’s it!


Turn your Google Sheet data into beautiful chart

Automatically form a chart from data entered in your Google Sheet. With auto refresh, changes you made in the sheet will reflect in the chart automatically, keeping your work consistent.

Turn your Google Sheet data into beautiful chart





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